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Our company:
STOP humidity by capillarity.
STOP lime in the water network.
STOP pool maintenance and STOP unnecessary expenses.

Tecnicreparacion, Su Profesional S.L. is a company specialized in water and air treatment for over 20 years.

Currently, we focus on offering maintenance-free services:

Stop rising damp:

Satisfaction or refund guarantee for a period of up to 2 years.

Guarantee that the system will work for 30 years and will act daily on all wall and floor surfaces to prevent capillary rise of water.

Option to follow drying with a mobile app, the new "PRO."

We offer free diagnosis for rising damp treatment, installation, and follow-up.

Better than a water softener, a scale destroyer in the water network:

We sell and install our device, a scale destroyer with a 5-year warranty and a 1-month satisfaction or refund guarantee.

It directly eliminates microscopic scale inside pipes, preventing it from adhering to any part.

For sweet and pleasant water.


Automation of pool treatment, salt chlorinator.

Energy savings:

We carry out a good general check-up to spend less energy and save on maintenance.

Prices, videos, TV interviews, press articles, and explanations on each website for our services.

In addition, we are official distributors and installers of the Spanish factory HUMITAT STOP, whose founder is Doctor in Physical Sciences Juan Alberto Viñas de la Cruz. The anti-damp invention for walls and floors was created to solve the problem of capillary moisture in his family home in the town of Espolla (Girona). The factory is located near Barcelona and began selling its products in 2012 throughout Europe, the US, China, Russia, South America, etc.

At Tecnicreparacion, Su Profesional S.L., we sell and install Humitat-Stop anti-damp at factory prices.

We have more than 20 years of experience in energy systems for industry, tertiary or private sector, including thermal, hydraulic, electrical, air, air conditioning, dehumidification, ventilation, energy recovery, and study/programming of energy-saving systems, etc.

Our team has titles and professional training to follow the latest innovations in the sector.

Over the last 20 years, we have solved faults in highly technical installations.

Currently, we are dedicated to offering innovative and definitive solutions without maintenance.

We always try to diagnose, explain, and offer the best solution with transparency to ensure long-term success.

Innovative solutions such as:

-The anti humidity, the phenomenon of capillarity is over, humidity of walls and floors, very efficient because it attacks the cause, capillarity. 

-The lime destroyer, fresh water,  no loss of flow/pressure  maintenance, no salt, no water consumption 

-Energy savings, without or with new devices, there is always the possibility of spending less. 

We have a global vision of energy installations (air treatment, heating, regulation...)   and for a fixed price we can help you make a diagnosis, a setup, a report with tips for good use to consume less with your equipment.


Fenomeno de capilaridad , las moleculas de agua tienen todas el mismo sentido y el polo ne
Descalcificador humitat stop v1.  Destructor de cal miro ionizador.jpg
Célébration de la remise des diplômes

Titles and formations:

First Administrator: Sebastien Guinefoleau

-Bachelor's degree in energy systems
-Bachelor´s degree in air conditioning systems and automation/regulation 
-Certificate of refrigeration engineer, level 5  
-Title level 5, energy and thermal systems
-Aeronautical Initiation Title  
-Different low and high voltage electrical ratings 

And during these 20 years I have followed  many professional training:
-Solar water for individuals and communities
-Water treatment (softener, swimming pool...) 
-Industrial steam boilers
-Solar panels and regulators  
-Setting up of different brands of Burners and Boilers 
-Different trainings during 20 years of work for air conditioning brands, Daikin, Hitachi, LG

Examples of interventions:

Examples of interventions and experiences:

Installation, improvement, repair or maintenance:

-Moisture by capillarity 

-Lime and scale  

-Savings with a global vision and intervention/diagnosis with a fine-tuning of all your systems

20 years of  experiences in energies:

-Air Conditioning or Aerotermia: Installation or Maintenance, commissioning  y modification to spend less….read the cost comparison (see Web page Air conditioning or energy savings)

-Heating, Plumbing… Burner adjustment with electronic combustion meter, for better operation, spend less   and  hydraulic balance of the radiators or network….(see website energy savings or heating)

-Swimming pool:  Any technical equipment and search for leaks, installation of  automatic salt treatment without  measures, to worry about dias   much better for the skin, health and to enjoy more  .(see Pool website) 

-Setting up of energy recovery system (more in industry) to cool or to heat (see Web page Air conditioning)

-Electricity, modification or maintenance (see Electricity website)

Of course, if sometimes I am not qualified for a job, we can find someone who is  o/ and manage a specialist company....

Ask us without obligation

Los técnicos en el Trabajo
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