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Detener la humedad por capilaridad

Video explicacion
aparato anti humedad por capilaridad

How to remove moisture from walls and floors?:

"Thanks to our device to stop rising damp working for 30 years and more."

How to remove moisture from walls and floors?

Thanks to our device to stop moisture by capillarity.

The capillary effect is the humidity that rises from the floor inside the walls.

We attack the cause of the capillary phenomenon and not the consequence.

We all know the principle of microwave or radio waves.

Our technology consists of sending waves directly into the walls and floors.

The waves react with each water molecule, they lose their orientations and fall to the ground naturally by their own weight, by gravity.

We can say that we empty the walls and floors of their moisture.

We offer the option to monitor drying with our new device. 

No more mold, saltpeter, unhealthy air with its diseases: rheumatism, asthma, paint peeling, concrete, reforms.... 

We are official distributor and installer of the factory  Spanish: HUMITAT STOP.

Its creator/researcher Doctor in Physical Sciences Juan Alberto Viñas de la Cruz.

The anti-dampness invention for walls and floors was created to solve the problem of la rising damp that he had in his family home in the town of Espolla (Girona)

The factory is located near Barcelona and begins to sell in 2012 throughout Europe, USA, China, Russia, South America, etc...

Our company Tecnicreparacion, Su profesional SL, official distributor of Humitat-Stop sells at factory price and installs the two innovative devices of this Spanish brand.

free diagnosis

Our solution running for 30 years and more:
Stop the phenomenon of humidity by capillarity.
Our technology is a high-tech wave generator.


Medium-term care with humidity by capillarity: 

​Medium-term care: 

Anti-humidity paint or monolayer walls peel off.
Unhealthy air.
Mold, saltpeter. 
Bronchitis, rheumatism, etc... 



Medium-term care with humidity by capillarity: 


Video after 8 months of operation

​Medium-term care: 

Anti-humidity paint or monolayer walls peel off.
Unhealthy air.
Mold, saltpeter. 
Bronchitis, rheumatism, etc... 



Humedad por capilaridad dentro una finca
Rotura de hormigón sobre un pilar
Oxidación de los hierros, y rotura de hormigón
Pilar con humedad en Liria-Valencia.jpg

​Medium-term care: 

Anti-humidity paint or monolayer walls peel off.
Unhealthy air.
Mold, saltpeter. 
Bronchitis, rheumatism, etc... 



Nuestra solución contra la humedad por capilaridad : 

  • Free diagnosis and professional technical service since 2012.​

  • No health hazard

  • Certificates CE, ICNIRP, etc...

  • We treat the humidity of any buildings, flats,  houses, buildings, museums, churches....​

  • Satisfied guarantee or your money back​.

  • Warranty 30 years of operation.

  • Increase or maintain the value of your home. 

  • Significant energy savings.

  • With our anti-damp, no more cleaning, spending on anti-damp paint, masonry, heating, dirt and mold.

  • Healthy air, better insulated walls and floors and all this without maintenance!  

Your home can recover its value and comfort without further expenses!. 

Valencia, moho y sus esporas, hongos (Pequeño).jpg

Example of installation in the Parish Church of Cortes de Navarra

Antes después





Technology from €1755 for 30m2, €1960 for 50m2, €2363 for 150m2, €2632 for 150m2, €2900 for 200m2, etc... year 2022

Withoutlimit surface 

Prices on budget and to give an idea with energy prices in 2020:​

It is amortized in halfzo because it is much lower than all the useless expenses in anti-damp paint, dehumidifier, anti-humidity device, heating, reforms, etc......
1) Garantee  30 years.

2)Warranty satisfied or your money back after 1 year trial andbefore two years.
Our First opinion: 

With inflation, the day we sell our property ad in good condition, we will recover the investment and we will get a benefit because in principle the value of the property continues the percentage of inflation. 

More effective than any other system against capillarity:

1. Inside or outside, never hide the problem of humidity with marble or any coating:
Because the humidity will find another way, it will go up and out of the walls through the joints or higher...
The humidity is still inside and  outside.


No esconder la humedad, sino va subir más, comunidad Valenciana (Personalizado).jpg
Más eficaz

Zona de Valencia

Aire sano _edited_edited.jpg

2. Injection of a resin-type product inside the wall:
Aesthetic and structural damage
It is effective only where there is the injection
The water will find another way.
It does not solve the humidity that rises from the ground


3. Wireless electro-osmosis or magnetic systems:

It consists of sending electromagnetic waves through the air (unlike our system that go directly into the walls), with little penetration into the walls
They are not connected to the light, lack of power
Very slow effects... years and expensive.


Electro-ósmosis inalambrica y sistemas magnéticos.JPG

4. Adehumidifier, it is not thesolution against humidity by capillarity:

4. Adehumidifier, is not thesolution against capillarity:

It will be worse because having a slightly drier air will allow the water to come out of the wall more easily and that will help the humidity of the ground to rise inside the wall more quickly, it will damage the walls more.

Because it also consumes a lot and will always work to try to empty the air of its humidity without stopping the cause.

Experiences  and  private or public clients 

More than 1600 devices sold  

It has been sold since 2012 throughout Spain, France, Italy, Russia, China, USA, South America, etc…

Valencia: Building of the  CSIC .(Higher Council for Scientific Research of Valencia)

Sagunto : The museum of the ruins 


  • Provincial Library, Molins de Rei 

  • Provincial Council, Old Industrial School


  • Elysee Palace. It is the seat of the Presidency of the French Republic  

  • Gers Cathedral 

GalapagarNursing Home 

Courts of Navarre: Parish Church 

Sant Pere de Ribes:Ayuntamiento 

The Masnou:City hall


Llinars del Valles: Ayuntamiento 

Fonollosa: Ayuntamiento 

Biurrun: Parish Church 

Las Palmas Gran Canaria:  Jardín-Pueblo Canario

Mollet de PeraladaPrimary Assistance Center ​

And of course many private houses in the community  Valenciana 

Anti humedad

Stop moisture by capillarity, pairedes and dry soils:


Why does the paint peel off the wall? 

Because no material can stick well on a damp wall.

Capillarity is the humidity that rises from the natural soil to the walls.

Molecules have a negative pole always up, it is a natural phenomenon.

With our technology, we perturb the polarity,  water molecules go haywire and fall to earth under their own weight.

It is definitive, we empty the walls of their humidity.

Interior o exterior nada pega bien sobre una pared lena de humedad, Castellón (Personaliza

Advantages of our team

It's over :

Saltpeter, allergy to mold, asthma, rheumatism or bronchitis..
Dust efflorescence from your wall coverings, damp home air, heating or dehumidifying costs (read part below)  

Actually we can say that we "empty&" the walls and floors  of their moisture.
System without surface limit.
Dry walls improve the insulation of your home, lower heating costs. 
Up to 30% savings on heating energy 


Dehumidifier to remove humidity? 

Bad idea, because its consume / m2  is huge

(you must calculate with yours, example year 2020)

More or less  1Kw for 100m2 on average at (€0.17/kw I have included the subscription and VAT) or (€0.14 without VAT, without subscription) 12hours /day  x 30days

= 61€/month = 720€ / year   x 10 years =7200 €

Because finally it is a water vacuum cleaner that is on the surface of the painting and the humidity rises and circulates with more flow inside its wall, because the capillarity continues.


Moisture locked inside the wall, communicates to the interior of the house and cools its interior, peels off paints or plaster

Humedad en pared , Alicante.jpg


Three  causes of humidity:

1) Infiltration : Caused by cracks in exterior walls, leaking roofs, or problem windows,


2) Condensation:  Por falta  de ventilación, (Casa demasiada hermética)   en los baños en particularor missing la  kitchen hood  or heating with butane stove that gives 1.7 liters of water for every liter of fuel, etc...

3)CapillarityThe humidity that rises from the natural soil  to the top  inside the walls 

We are here to help you and make the correct diagnosis 


Against la  capillarity our technology is la solution

Efecto de la capiularidad, zona Castellón (Personalizado).jpg

Dirty and damaged floor  due to capillarity. The water rises with minerals through the joints

Estuffa de butano producen 1,7litros de agua por cada kg de butano en su combustión .png

butane stove

CAUTION, they give a lot of humidity and condensation 

For every liter of butane production of 1.7 liters of water.  

Ventajas economicas

Advantages and savings:  

The investment is ridiculous compared to the loss of value and comfort of a home.

Our opinion: 

If we think about it, with inflation, the day we sell our property, we will recover and win moremoney because in principle the value of the property follows the percentage of inflation. 

On the contrary, if you leave your money in the bank at 0% interest, your money will lose its value each year at the same rate as inflation.​

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------

Example to calculate a return on investment per 100m2, data Year 2020.

Watch outis an example of the calculation that you must do with your data

Savings  12200€  minimum in 10 years with our example

that is €1220 / year of savings. 

1)   ​Savings in heating and more comfort:A dry wall has better insulation, lowers thermal points and heating costs by up to 30%, more or less depending on your home

Save 30% = €250/year up to €600 or more           €250 x10 years = €2500 

2)  Savings on  Masonry, painting, cleaning, lost time  

Savings = €250/year up to €500 or more           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_€250 x 10 years = €2,500


3)  Be careful dehumidifiers are "vacuum cleaner" to humidity:on the surface of the painting but inside the wall the water will rise more quickly due to capillarity and that will damage the walls inside, if there is iron, they rust, they expand sometimes until they break the concrete surface.

They consume a lot (more or less  1Kw for 100m2 on average at (€0.17/kw I have included the subscription and VAT) or (€0.14 without VAT, without subscription)_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ x 12hours /day  x 30days

= 61€/mes  = 720€ / año     x 10 years = €7,200


Minimum total savings for 10 years = €2,500 + €2,500 + €7,200

 Total  Savings

= €12,200  for 10 Years 

=   1220€ / year

*Our appliance can be amortized with the savings

* Because our anti-capillarity system consumes very little 0.7w, that is, 0.0007Kv x €0.14/kv x 24 hours x 365 days = €0.85 per year...depending on the price of electricity you pay.

* Because a dry wall, floor and ceiling have better insulation and reduce thermal bridges​

* Healthy air, without spores, mold, paint dust, humidity

* If the walls are porous to rain, it will help to dry them faster


The only radical and reliable solution against the phenomenon of "capillarity"


No maintenance! 

The value of your property and your comfort!  


1)Effective!     ¡Porque se ataca a la causa  y no a la consecuencia!

2)Powerful!   Because it is always connected to the light. 

 It consumes 0.7w almost nothing, but  that gives it power 

3)The only!   It sends low frequency waves directly into the walls to perturb the polarity of each water molecule. Electromagnetic waves to combat humidity. The only one that directly attacks the cause: capillarity.

4)Fast!    The first effects are noticeable in the paint after 1 or 3 months and dry at 70%, depending on each wall size, 6 or 9 months at heart.


​Guarantee 30 years


Satisfied guarantee or your money back after 1 year and before 2 years

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