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Saving money and using less energy: cold, home insulation, humidity, limescale, heating or hot water regulation, etc...

With an intervention/vision  general and technical 

And a good set-up of all your energy equipment. Either:  Air treatment, ventilation, heating, pool, air conditioning, aerothermal or electricity contract

You can save every month 

A professional overview of your equipment

From 20 years
Installation, repair and maintenance

Individual, company, factory


Technical solutions to solve your problems of damp walls or water with lime that increases your energy consumption 

Enjoy more and spend less on energy and maintenance 

Savings that can be made with our anti humidity, anti capillarity device


Be careful, it is an example of the calculation that you must do with your data: 

Example to calculate a return on investment per 100m2.

Savings  12200€  minimum in 10 years with our example

that is €1220 / year of savings. 

1)    ​Savings in heating and more comfort: A dry wall has better insulation, lowers thermal points and heating costs up to 30%, more or less depending on your home

Savings of 30% = €250/year up to €600 or more   x10years = €2,500

2)  Savings on  Masonry, painting, cleaning, lost time  

Savings = €250/year up to €500 or more    x 10 years = €2,500


3)  Be careful dehumidifiers are vacuum cleaner to humidity:on the surface of the painting but inside the wall the water will rise more quickly due to capillarity and that will damage the walls inside, if there is iron, they rust, they expand sometimes until they break the concrete surface.

They consume a lot (more or less  1Kw for 100m2 on average at (€0.17/kw I have included the subscription and VAT) or (€0.14 without VAT, without subscription)12hours /day  x 30days

= 61€/months  = 720€ / years   x 10 years =7200 €


Minimum total savings for 10 years = €2,500 + €2,500 + €7,200


Total  savings = 12200€  per 10 years =   1220€ /year

*Our device can be amortized with the savings and costs in 2021 (without installation, we only need a plug) from €2,090 with VAT for 50m2, €2,454 with VAT for 100m2


* Because our anti-capillarity system consumes very little 0.7w, that is, 0.0007Kv x €0.14/kv x 24 hours x 365 days = €0.85 per year...depending on the price of electricity.

* Because a dry wall, floor and ceiling have better insulation and reduce thermal bridges​

* Healthy air, without spores, mold, paint dust, humidity

* If the walls are porous to rain, it will help to dry them faster


The only radical and reliable solution against the phenomenon of "capillarity"


No maintenance! 

Your home can regain its value and comfort!  

​1)Effective! Because the cause is attacked  and not the consequence!

2) Powerful! Because it is always connected to the light. It consumes 0.7w almost nothing, but that gives it power

3)The only!    That sends low frequency waves directly into the . walls. Direct attack of capillarity.

4)Fast! The first effects are noticeable in the paint after 1 month, 3 months dry at 70% and depending on each wall size 6 or 9 months at the heart

​Guarantee 30 years

Satisfied guarantee or your money back

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