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Financing my investment in a wall-mounted dehumidifier
or a limescale remove

If you are interested in ending the problem of humidity at home:

See below example of loan (Year 2021), indicative without or with interest  . 

Add up the savings you will make each month with our new equipment with dehumidifier or a limescale remove

Often the savings repay the loan, but you must do this same calculation with your data


Example for the purchase of an anti-humidity with return on investment, see  page price, experiences and photos 

Professional and technical service for 20 years
Installation, repair and maintenance

Individual, company, factory
Global vision and technical solution

Discounts up to 20% with the friendly plan on the second device, the anti cal 

Financing without or with interest to see with  cualquier Banks live.


The m2 indicated by the anti-humidity are those that touch the natural floor, for example 100m2 to the natural floor   and if there are 2 floors above 100m2  , it does not matter 100m2 that touch the natural ground.

Pricing of each device available on budget:








Surface to be treated (touching the natural ground):

Your home can regain its value and comfort!

Boiler exchanger, electric water heater, washing machine, taps, shower, legionella... It shows on hair, skin, clothes, boilers, etc...

Savings in electricity, gas… without a layer of lime, better exchanged and less expenses.  

Price with installation the same as the classic softener.


We have customer experiences andcan last 15 yearsand more depending on the stability of the light network.

Warranty Satisfied or money backfor installation with important flow

Warrantyof operation.

Put an end to lime problems once and for all!

Simulation at 2000 euros

Ancre 1

Simulación a 2500 euros

Simulación a 3000 euros

Simulación a 3500 euros

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